We are proud to announce a big – HUGE – addition to our All Star Team: a new LARGE-FORMAT UV FLATBED PRINTER! We have christened her with the name “Mary”. But if printers don’t cause you to geek out like we do, allow us to explain why Mary is such an amazing, game-changing investment.

Flatbed printing uses UV inks which are cured into a solid film once exposed to wavelengths of UV light that tightly bonds directly onto a substrate. The inks last longer in the elements and is not app to fading and cracking. Additionally, flatbed printing provides the ability to print on multiple substrates that don’t need pre-preparation for size or shape beyond the parameters of the overall size of the bed. We can now print directly on a virtually limitless selection of substrates under 2 1/2” thick. Also, gone are the days of not being able to print with white. It’s white ink capability allows us to explore specialty applications like printing on full color on dark substrates and backlit graphics. The last and most important aspect of Mary is she is FAST and MORE ECONOMICAL allowing for larger runs of jobs and better bulk pricing.

Now, we can truly say … if you think it, we can do it!

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